Top 10 Reasons Our Agents Love CA

We polled our team on why they LOVE Collins & Associates, and here were the top 10 responses!

1. Hands-down the best pay because of the flat fee, bonuses and referrals.
2. I never dread coming into the office, and since the company is smaller, each agent is appreciated and supported. No one is lost in the everyday shuffle.
3. Working at Collins & Associates has freed me up to pursue opportunities for other real estate-related fields!

4. B
ecause of the flexibility Collins & Associates offers, I can work remotely which allows me to be a more involved parent and a successful agent at the same time.

5. Agents are able to be nimble and take advantage of opportunities without having to "run it by management".

6. I love the monthly meetings! We eat, learn and collaborate to achieve success.

7. Having a knowledgeable broker like Melanie makes all the difference!

8. We have a rockstar office manager with a marketing background!

9. The agents are my friends and I love them!

I love the fun, supportive office environment!

We love our agents, and we are always expanding. If you are ready to take the leap, let us know here >

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